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BMW M3 passes 200mph with G-Power supercharger

When it comes to BMW tuning, there is a company that is head and shoulders above the rest start in the final driving machines. The company we refer to the holding German G-Power, which has been in creating the world's fastest BMW for a quarter century, including the recently unveiled M6 Coupé 228 mph. Today, G-Power has finally unveiled a new upgrade to the M3's performance, and with serious performance mods in the new car promises to be even more sublime than the model on which it is based.

If an M3 purchased the dealership already has a fairly powerful 420hp (312kW) under the hood, G-Power, engineers took the car into a true supercar territory with a new supercharger that raises the final output of a heady 500hp (373kW). Using load of only relatively mild 4.4psi (0.3bar) of boost ASA T1-518 centrifugal compressor (the same system used in some models Alpina), G-Power claims that its offer M3 consistently around 20% more torque as the standard model.

Sueprcharger The system also uses a large volume air box, eight light integral resonance induction pipes, which are responsible for better throttle response and create an optimum torque curve. Finally, the supercharger is complemented by the outdoor air that the agent is located at the front and cools to the temperature rise for more performance and reliability.

The result of the new system gives the G-Power M3 speeds over 200 mph, while the sprint of 124 miles per hour is provided in only 13.5 seconds - more than two seconds faster than the stock M3.

Custom wheels and tires Michelin sport help bring the power on the road with a new continuously height-adjustable G-Power coil-over suspension system with nine settings to BMW assist to more effectively use the additional power . In addition, G-Power offers a new sport rear silencer to give the M3 a deep roar, and also to reduce the final weight of the car by almost 15 kg.

Capping of the upgrade is a new interior, dressed in panels of carbon fiber, a G-Power speedo that goes up to 223 mph, and aluminum pedals custom leather seats.

BMW Chooses Michelin Pilot Sport for New M3

OE installation of the new M3 Coupe, BMW has chosen Michelin Pilot Sport tire. The new M3 has a 414bhp V-8 engine and is promoted by BMW M GmbH as a race tire for everyday use. It can be deduced that Michelin selects its ultimate sports tire, developed in consultation with the engineers of BMW M, as a rational option.

Michelin stated BMW M GmbH has selected a racing tire for the street to ensure that his new captain cut the road and feels like a Formula 1 race car. The tire manufacturer equipped the cars which won both the drivers and constructors championships two years in a row. Since the release of the first generation model, the Michelin tires are equipped with the BMW M3. The manufacturer is also equipped with other cars produced by BMW M, including the M5 and M6.

What is the fourth generation M3?

The E92 is a car that arrived in 1986. It has a four-cylinder engine with around 200bhp at the time. But now, the new car with a V8 and 414bhp double, but the ingredients are kept behind, a limited-slip differential and a motor sports inspired an enormous scheme 8400rpm.

As a first step, it will only be available in two-door coupe. To follow next year, a convertible and four-door sedan. He hopes to expand the range to help break the 100,000-unit barrier for the first time. However, the latest M3 - 2000, the six-cylinder E46 - is a hard act to follow.

The M3 is more than two cylinders. And some auto journalists to see the evolution as a courageous and M3 motor sport from one product to the international icon it is today.

The last car of the 3.2-liter six-cylinder engine does not meet the emission regulations and rival the game with the V8, Munich leaving no other choice than to them. The U.S. market was a major consideration, too. Fifty percent of all cars on the State Side.

It is the first time the M3 has evolved since 1992.

And just as in 1992, the E92 leaves most hardcore envy. Now, a beautiful horsefly Woo slight acceleration of the above cost of a hard charge of the red line. The sensation of the car zinginess the E46 is also gone. It is now replaced by a more mature, but always exciting progression.

The quest for a high-revving engine is not surprisingly left a hole in the bottom of a pair, you should be able to generate six-speed manual, that is the only option for now as SMG will follow to really move. The course is transferred from the E46 and of course some of its characteristics: direct, but a bit stiff.

The M3 will cost £ 50,625 when sales begin in early September in the United Kingdom. A tool to deal with BMW.

E30 M3

Based on 1986 model year E30 3-Series, the first M3 was introduced with a 2.3 L I4 engine S14B23 (or S14 in shorthand). The engine design was based on various BMW genealogy basic layout block M10 4 cylinder (2002 and 320 series) overbored and strengthened to specifications of the BMW M88 inline-6. Valve architecture and head of BMW M1, and later M6 inline-6 cylinder was adopted for aggressive breathing, resulting in exceptional performance for the day.

The most remarkable feature of the E30 M3 (relative to later iterations M3) is the course of his pedigree. It was the campaign for BMW and other teams including Prodrive and AC Schnitzer competing in many forms of racing, including but not limited to Rally, DTM cars in Australia and of other series.

One of the main reasons for the production of cars off the road has been to approve the M3 for Group A Touring Car racing. One reason often cited for its creation, it was competing with the "2.3-16V model of the Mercedes-Benz W201 190E which was introduced in 1983, although this is only speculation. When the E30 M3 was in its last years of high level competition, the 2.5 liter engine running in S14 base was capable of 340 hp (250 kW) and, naturally aspirated.

The E30 M3 road car

The first version en route product 195 hp (145 kW, 198 PS) (catalyzed model). Evolution models (not sold in North America) continued with 2.3 liters but adopted the calendar of exhaust-cam, the increase in compression and the lack of a catalyst producing approximately 215 hp (160 kW). Later the Sport Evolution model of production of 600 (sometimes called Evolution III) increased by 2.5 L engine produces 238 hp (175 kW). 786 cabriolets were also produced, all by hand in the BMW plant in Garching time of 215 hp (160 kW) for example has been the world's fastest four-seat convertible.

Modifications of the standard 3-series

The E30 M3 differed from the rest of the E30 line-up in several ways. The M3 was equipped with a revised stiffer and more aerodynamic body and "burned box" passage of wheels for a wider track with wider and larger wheels and tires. The only body of the standard 3-series and the M3 shared were the hood and sunroof. He also had three times the spell caster angle of any other E30. The largest share of M3 and bearings with the front wheel brake E28 5-Series. He also had a Getrag 265 / 5 5 speed rear differential and different final drive ratio and blocking of 25%.

Wrap up

To remain competitive in the racing car follows the rules for approval of changes year to year, the special approval has been produced. Homologation rules roughly stated that the race must take account of the car and aero engine, therefore, improved models were periodically released to the public. Special editions and offers certification include: the Evo 1 Evo 2 and Sport Evolution some of which include less weight, improved aerodynamics, large front fender arches (Sport Evolution; to further facilitate 18 -inch (460 mm) wheels in DTM), brake ducting, and more power. Other models of limited production (based on evolution models of the special paint, but with and / or unique interior schemes commemorating championship wins) include the Europa, Ravaglia, and Europameister Cecotto.

The production of the original E30 M3 completed in early 1992.

Having won more road races than any other model in history, the E30 M3 is considered by many as the world's most successful race car driving. M3s entered by privateer BMW and courses held not dominate the competition for years it was in production. She won including Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, European Touring Car Championship and even the only World Touring Car Championship title in 1987. The E30 M3 is also a multiple winner of Guia Race, 24 Hours Nürburgring and Spa 24 hours.

Among the evidence of publication

In 2004, Sports Car International named the E30 M3 car number six on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1980s.

In 2007, "Evo" magazine of the E30 M3 Sport Evolution top of all BMW M series at the time of printing

In 2007, the Automobile Magazine including the E30 M3 in the "5 greatest drivers cars of all time" as part of the 25 Greatest Cars of all time.

E30 performance


* (2.3L-16v I4) - 195 PS (192 kilowatts hp/143) - 0-62 mph: 7.5 s. Top Speed: 146 mph (235 km / h)
* (2.3L-16v I4) - 215 PS (212 kilowatts hp/158) - 0-62 mph: 7.0 s. Top Speed: 149 mph (240 km / h)
* (2.5L-16v I4) - 238 PS (235 kilowatts hp/175) - 0-60 mph: 6.2 s. Top Speed: 154 mph (248 km / h)

BMW 3-Series - A Brief History For Buyers

The BMW 3 series is a vehicle that is popular around the world and it has an automotive giant BMW. A brief history of the Series 3 is highlighted below.

1600-2002 - 1966 to 1976
BMW almost facing bankruptcy with the 1500 and the decision was made to launch a small family room and made the 1600-2002 series, which itself became a legend automatic is a great success for the German car manufacturer . BMW 1600 could reach 60 mph in 13 seconds and the BMW 2002 Turbo is the first Central European turbo charged.
Thousands of 1600-2002 in the series left the production lines until his death in 1976 - which would not only follow the surprise BMW car, but also the world!

BMW 3 Series - 1976 to 1982
Which was followed by the BMW 3 Series, a car that rewrote the rules of the compact sedan. The first models were 1.6 and 1.8 liter engines but with a weight of just over 1000kg great player is guaranteed.
The model has been the launch of the BMW 320i with a four-cylinder engine in 125bhp with independent suspension.
On motor show in Frankfurt 1977 BMW 323i was launched with the first of six cylinders. The six bottles produced 143bhp and with the help of cutting edge electronics has enabled the delivery of an average 21mpg. The success of BMW cars and surprised by the end of 1982, more than one million BMW 3 series left the factory.

BMW 3 Series - 1983 to 1990
The second generation of BMW 3 series left other cars in its class behind. It is light, increased interior space and a wider range of engines more powerful than the first generation.
The straight-six cylinder 2.5 liter developed 171bhp - just 50bhp less than 2008 BMW 325i two-door coupe and was capable of 135 mph.
More information to come to the motor show in Frankfurt in 1985 when BMW has revealed the first M-powered 3 Series - BMW M3.
The BMW M3 established its reputation as the number one manufacturer of cars for the drivers! This car won the Touring Car Championship in the world in the late 1980s.
The second generation was just over two million units produced during its production.

BMW 3 Series - 1990 to 1998

The third generation of BMW 3 Series found another seller of the car based in Munich. The design has seen tremendous improvements in engineering and developing the chassis, including the final design of the rear axle set-up Z.
A range of body styles were launched, including the Touring estate, four-door, coupe and cabriolet - rebadged model two doors. The real anticipation was for the hardcore M3 into a new, new body.
BMW did not disappoint with a high-revving six-cylinder 3-liter producing 286bhp for the previous 2.5-liter. In 1995, the evolution of M3 was produced with a 3.2 liter six-cylinder, producing a massive 321bhp engine giving 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds.
And if this M3 in May have not been racing pedigree of the original, it was a hit with buyers. More than 2.7 million third-generation 3 Series were sold, and of these, 70,000 were m3s.

BMW 3 Series - 1998 to 2005
This generation of 3 Series has shown an extra 12 inches of legroom than the original model and following the huge success built by previous generations and as a proof of more than three million fourth generation of BMW 3 Series were sold.
The fourth generation of BMW 3 Series has been to demonstrate the power of the diesel in the world with the 184bhp BMW 330d delivery and more than 40mpg. In addition, the 320D with its 2-liter engine 150bhp became the largest selling vehicle in the BMW range.
The fourth generation BMW M3 is equipped with a 3.2-liter straight-six developing 343bhp giving a 0-60 mph in 5 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph.

BMW 3 Series - 2005 to date
In 2005, the fifth generation of BMW 3 Series was launched with better management and a new line with two diesel and gasoline. The new unit provides 3 liters while the 272bhp twin-turbo 3-liter diesel makes an impressive 286bhp.
The latest generation of M3 has been produced with a V8 power plant built from aluminum.
The result is 420bhp and 0-62 mph in just 4.8 seconds, making it the fastest and most powerful production M3.

The BMW 3-Series has sold over ten million cars since 1975 and is now the most sought after sports sedan and coupe in the Globe! If you are looking to buy a BMW 3-Series then please visit and view the store with a wide choice of BMW 3-Series for sale.

BMW M3 - A 4th Generation High-Performance Sports Car

The BMW M3 is the fourth generation of the famous high performance offering from BMW. The current version offers a new V8 engine, high performance and a new powertrain. The rigid yet lightweight body offers a lower center of gravity than ever thanks to the use of a carbon roof. It is as strong as steel but weighs far less. As expected, every BMW design is thoroughly tested as part of a series of harsh driving conditions.

For this car, the style is not the main objective, it will always be designed by the feature. The front is designed to take account of the high-rev engine. The back sports a wider track and four tailpipes. Even the shape of the mirrors to strengthen the overall aerodynamics. This blend of form and function to ensure that the final effect. This car offers sports performance, which is perfectly suited for conducting every day.

Once the engine starts, you are instantly met with the capabilities of the high-rev engine. As you move through the gears, propel you forward as the BMW, it reaches and exceeds the boundaries of driving pleasure. As you near the first turn, you have to brake, but keep well to hold the steering wheel to keep your advantage. There are many paint finishes which can be used to customize your BMW M3, the addition to the exercise of the power of its engine to 8400 rpm.

The exterior of the car has a curved front section with a wide wind intake vents. The elegant shape of the headlights deflects the wind in all directions as it passes the bending vault of the hood. Accelerate as it moves along the curved lines of its gently sloping roof, and then disappears as quickly as it happens, the BMW M3 continues on wind resistance undisturbed, leaving far behind. Thus, the BMW performance is incredible.

A look inside the cockpit and across the distinctive dashboard and you immediately know that in the BMW 3 Series M3 hides a world of discovery: in fine, the wood interior trim, titanium or aluminum perfectly complement the colors and materials that emphasize the generous space inside the vehicle.

You must be forgiven for overlooking the intelligently positioned instrument dials - they are simply placed where you expect to find. Their seats are comfortable and spacious. The optional sport seats, with their excellent side support, are ideal for dynamic, and make the longest journey in a relaxed fun atmosphere.

The new BMW M3, BMW continues its quest to build the ideal high performance sport. It is equipped with a brand new V8 engine of the most beautiful BMW tuning, a lightweight body and a lower center. Even small details, like the design of mirrors, add to the aerodynamics of the car. Regarding the performance of BMW, the car is simply incredible. The cockpit has a dashboard, interior in fine lined with wood, while the titanium or aluminum complements the colors and materials inside the vehicle. The seats are very comfortable and spacious, ideal for driving dynamics.

The 2008 BMW M3

Those who have been waiting for a true sports car over all others will not be disappointed by the new 2008 BMW M3. This car is all about the power that is actually a bit underrated as well as luxury and economy. With a 4.0-liter V8 under the hood at the first boot of the car, May you be surprised at how quiet it is. In fact, it is so quiet you think you in May in the wrong car. However, all you have to do is take a long stretch of road where you can open the throttle and the car starts to really come alive as the engine kicks into gear. Once you have all the way to 8400 rpm, you have 420 horses behind you, along propulsion.

Just this first race will let you know that the store performance BMW certainly got it right with this car, in fact, the car is probably much more than you expect. Interestingly, neither the C63AMG Mercedes or the Audi RS4, when the benchmark used as the cars of the new M3. In fact, it was the Porsche 911 which was used as a benchmark car. Just think, if this car is enough to beat the Porsche 911 is a car that is well above any other available today. May then you will notice that this car is just like the 3 Series coupe, the engine is more powerful and BMW has a lower fuel consumption, more power in the car, and plans also higher.

The new 2008 BMW M3 is very different from any other car manufacturer BMW has done. Of course, there are a few things carried over from the 3 Series coupe, like the trunk lid, doors and lights, but otherwise this is a brand new car. The roof of the car is made of carbon fiber and if you take a closer look, you can see the look. This reduces the weight of the car and it also lowers the center of gravity a bit too. It is likely that the roof of carbon fiber will become a signature picture of the M Series cars. The overall design of the car is made to look like the car is a car based on performance, and once you take a look at the car, you'll never mistake for anything else.

As noted above, the 2008 BMW M3 sports a very powerful 4.0-liter V8 engine, which is very impressive when it comes to power. This powerful engine is also correspond to a transmission that is a six-speed manual. Overall, it is a great combination and when you step on the accelerator pedal, it will accelerate rapidly with a great flexibility on the transmission at higher speeds.

A special option that the new M3 has the special MDrive system, which is also on the M5. This is accessible by a button that is on the steering wheel, and basically it allows you to choose what you prefer the chassis settings, and you can store and retrieve them later as you wish. When you start the car, the car will return to the standard mode, but when you press the button MDrive you can return to the settings you previously saved.

Inside the 2008 BMW M3 will not be a disappointment for you, either, when you open the door and climb in. Those who designed the interior has been working to provide great driving pleasure which is suited to your needs and your wishes. All instruments and controls are easy to use and easily accessible from the drivers seat. They are circular tools that are illuminated by white light and red needles. It comes with a leather steering wheel and M and the log is on the left foot, the interior door panels, and other places on the car.

You can have all the luxury and the great power of this car starting at about $ 62.500, which is a very heavy price. However, for all of the car that you really get a lot of people find this an excellent price.

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The Race Car Inspired BMW M3

First German car manufacturer BMW continues its grip on the best selling luxury car brand in the world. The battle with archrival Mercedes-Benz, year after year for the highest laurels, BMW continues to constantly adapt its range of vehicles and to add new line in order to stimulate and strengthen customer interest. One area where BMW has found much of its recent success in the race car inspired line of vehicles, Series M. Since 1979 various Motorsports [M) tags are affixed to vehicles that have been developed by the BMW Motorsports division, including the BMW M3 a car based on the popular BMW 3-series. Today, BMW engineers are working to develop a brand new BMW M3, and all car buzz is correct, but very few cars will be able to follow this road 400 hp commander. Keep reading for a closer examination of the new, soon to be released, BMW M3.

A fight Autodom into force continues to gather against the German car sting German cars. Legendary Mercedes-Benz announced at the BMW for the right to ask themselves the luxury brand most sold in the world. For years, the honor belongs exclusively to Mercedes-Benz, but a recent stumble on Mercedes part accompanied by a wave of new products from BMW, BMW in the first place. Not far behind the two is Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota, but for now the battle remains a fight between these two German car manufacturers.

For lovers of luxury cars, BMW-Mercedes rivalry is a win-win impact as car manufacturers are pouring money into engineering their vehicles. Neither car rest on their past performance, but both are key to the latest safety features including Mercedes' Night Vision Assist and BMW the effect of the absorption of bull shocks absorb the impact without damage to the vehicle main body. Safety is a major concern for consumers when selecting a luxury brand according to all investigations of the automobile industry.

For BMW, its latest car project is a well kept secret until recently. Camouflage spy all plans for the new BMW M3 have been circulating on the Internet for some time, but only since June has a pre-production version of a fully naked BMW M3 is online. It was seen navigating the twisting roads of Southern California by The Car Connection, the vehicle information and online shopping site.

For BMW enthusiasts, news of a BMW M3 pre-production observation means one thing: BMW will soon announce the date in 2007, when the last M Series car will be available in dealer showrooms.

At this time, the BMW M3 is still based on the fourth-generation 3-series, which was replaced in 2006. The new BMW M3 will be based on the latest generation of the body and the function of major improvements in recent BMW M3 model including:

A larger, more powerful V8 engine with an output of 400 horses. Currently, the BMW M3 has a six in line engine with a capacity of 333. The new model must start with a rocket from 60 in less than 5 seconds, leading to 155 mph.

A six-or seven-speed manual transmission.

A longer wheelbase for better weight distribution.

Indices styling of the BMW M3 to find its way to the new model of the front wings two exhaust holes with the ubiquitous M series recognized emblems.

For Mercedes enthusiasts they can point to class C in 2007, which is the direct competitor to the BMW 3-series, the evidence that Daimler Chrysler will not allow BMW's Cross shortly. A new AMG [Motorsport] version of the C-Class will follow, which would ratchet up to a pitched battle to be appreciated by lovers of luxury cars in the world.

New competitors for the BMW M3 with the Cadillac CTS-V, the Audi RS4 and the Lexus IS. Prices have not been established for the new M3, but you can expect to start at around $ 60,000 fully equipped.

Copyright 2006-2012 - Matthew C. Keegan is a freelance writer on car-classic, current and future models. He manages Auto Trends, a website on the concept cars and automotive technology.

The Quality Of The BMW M3

When it comes to cars, the consumer is the one that holds its brands with a high degree of confidence. And when we have a brand that we want - that gives us the quality and reliability that we want - we remain loyal to the brand until the end. In most cases, this level of loyalty is extended to luxury vehicles - which commands a high price but to offer quality and comfort year after year - and sometimes decade after decade. It is not surprising that the BMW M3 - as part of the BMW brand - continues to inspire and engage customers.

The company Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) was born in 1913 in Munich, Germany at the hands of Karl Friedrich Rapp who was committed to producing high-end luxury vehicle that appeals to those interested through the good things in life . Initially, he was more interested in performance - the creation of such vehicles would be on the market and keep the changes especially in the industry. And they have done until now the BMW brand, the culmination of the industry - the BMW M3 included.

There are many variants of the BMW M3, and the features that you - and the price you pay - only depends on the model you choose. The M3 series is a sporty version of the compact BMW design and models of the product varies by generation.

The E30 is the first version of the BMW M3 series with a 2.3-liter power train, S14 engine and 238 horses. Standard for this model are burnt wings and a sleek aerodynamic design. The E36 coupe came six years after the E30 and had a 3.0 liter power train, S6 and the motor of 286 hp. The train has increased capacity to 321 horses in just four years later and featured 3.2-liter power train. This model is still highly regarded as one of the best models produced by BMW.

The current model of the BMW M3 - the E46 - deliver an incredible 343 horsepower, the new 6-speed transmission, manual transmission, with no clutch pedal. And the BMW M3 continues to expand its range with the best performance come E92 expected to debut late 2007. The E92 has a V8 engine and 420 horses, and again raising BMW to the next level.

The BMW M3 reflects the overall company BMW to the highest quality of customer service and a commitment to continue in the automotive industry.

The E90 BMW M3 Can it Live Up to the M3 Badge?

The BMW M3 has always been an iconic road car, offers high performance and handling, in the subtle body shell of the BMW 3-series. With the launch of the latest M3, known as E90, BMW hopes to the reputation of this famous brand.

The original BMW M3, called E30, was launched way back in 1986 and is the standard by which all other sport Saloon will be assessed. The first model has a 2.3-liter 4-cylinder, but to keep pace with the other German competitors in the form of Audi and Mercedes-Benz, the engine capacity has steadily increased to the brand new 4-liter V8 that can be found on the E90.

For many years, the BMW M3 can easily claim the title of best sport sedan, but with the launch of the new Audi RS4 and Mercedes C63 AMG, this assertion is not so easy. Especially now that Lexus has joined The Fray and surprised everyone with his new and highly capable IS-F.

Original E90 M3 was first published as two-door coupe, strictly speaking, that was the E92, and came with the new V8 engine, a roof made of carbon and the option of a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox that would can beat the manual in the race 60 of 0.2 seconds.

The M3 Coupe is then quickly followed by a four-door sedan, which, although lacking a roof made of carbon, was shorter, wider and higher than the 2 doors, and both models have the same design, including before the end spoiler, indicators and headlight car. She was accompanied by a hardtop convertible, the abandonment of the structure of the roof seen on the previous generation of the M3.

In exercising the challenges of the new M3 has certainly the power to follow its rivals with the V8 engine crack magic per liter producing 100bhp and 414bhp totals, with an incredible range that red lines at 8300 rpm. Whatever the nature of the body you for all versions are electronically limited to 155 km / h, but in the sprint in the top 60 reduced to 4.5 seconds, followed by the square of 4.7 seconds and the weight of the convertible to 5.3 seconds.

There is no doubt that the M3 sports sedan moves the game on the other, and he has the speed, handling and driver to see the comments of the competition from Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, although the deficit is E90 not as it was. But more importantly, despite the increase in power, traction and support for the driver of the pure enjoyment of the pilot of the original M3 in May have been lost, especially if Evo Magazine on the E30 M3 has its contemparies, including of the new E90.

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