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BMW M3 Test Drive Impressions in Year 2008

Before the days of the test, I've never seen the 2008 M3 personally. I've seen pictures in magazines and website of the BMW. I thought the 2008 M3 look at these beautiful pictures, but when I actually saw the car in person, I was shocked by his good looks. The aggressive position of M3 are the majority. The car looked fast even when standing still. I could not wait to drive and see what the car can do.

BMW M3 argued that race car with clothes. My Test Drive M3 launches drive from Los Angeles to Willow Springs race way. In two hours of travel is very busy highway in Los Angeles. In M3 behaved very well in traffic. By rough pavement and potholes, the ride was firm but comfortable. Outside noise was minimal and deep edges of a V-8 was definitely noticeable.

Once at the Willow Springs race way, I started to prepare M3 tuning settings of M CD. There are four systems of M Drive pedal sensitivity, variable dampers (EDC), stability control and power steering assist. First change is the impact body. Three settings are available from electronic vibration control (EDC). I decided to create the most rigid. Stability control settings can be set on, off, and M dynamic mode. In the M Dynamic mode, M3 can be driven aggressively, but the system will be withdrawn when the car is out of control. I chose the M Dynamic mode first round. For the accelerator and steering assistance, I opted for the sports mode instead of the normal mode. Sport mode allows for faster response to throttle, control and feel heavier.

Voting on M drive lasted nearly twenty minutes. She was a little tricky at first. But if you're a fan, this is very nice. BMW simplified institutions should establish a novice driver. Prior buttons with the words "street", "Song" and "race" can help.

It was time for me to start the round. Presentation of M3 from the pits with cold tires makes waves of smoke and long strips of rubber on the asphalt. Once the tires to temperature, it was glued to the M3 route at each corner. Understeer is very minimal and can be easily removed with a stab of the throttle. Maximum torque comes early as 3900 rev. / Min flat torque curve continued until 6500 rev / min in V-8 engine power makes cornering a breeze. It is rare for a V-8 engine that can turnover at 8400 rpm and shift. It was a warm day, but the sound of the engine at 8400 rpm sends shivers down my spine every time I heard.

M3 is ready for a fast lap after another term. No overheating or mechanical failure occurred. I had to stop when the tires started to look bald. I had some practice before my trip home to save. The return journey is as enjoyable as a trip to the tracks. The 2008 BMW M3 is definitely a race car you can drive on the track, race and drive home. M3 is fun to drive fast, but it's even better if you press too hard and run faster.

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